Friday, 1 March 2013

Natalia Vodianova by Centro for the Naked Heart Foundation

I love a good celebrity/model/designer collaboration as much as the next person, but I'm particularly motivated to buy into them when their sole purpose is to raise awareness and funds for charity. Russian supermodel, Natalia Vodianova, has joined up with Centro (a popular high street shoe store more well known in Asia) to design a range of heels that will raise money for The Naked Heart Foundation. Natalia and Centro have really hit the mark with this collaboration on 3 key points: all proceeds made will go to The Naked Heart Foundation; the style of shoe is classic enough to fit into the wardrobes of a large majority of women; the price point of £60 makes them far more accessible to women who don't have hundreds to spend on a pair of heels.

Natalia Vodianova by Centro for the Naked Heart Foundation  backNatalia Vodianova by Centro for the Naked Heart Foundation 

Natalia said that she wanted her designs to make women "feel like a princess", which is why I assume she's embellished the back of the heels with a crystal crown motif - sadly, it feels a little too 'vajazzled' for my liking - but I'll definitely be picking up a pair of these heels in 'champagne', simply because it's not often I can genuinely say my shoe purchases are benefiting someone else.

You can buy your pair from Net-A-Porter and find out more about The Naked Heart Foundation here.

Image: Net A Porter

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  1. Love these heels, great purchase

  2. Natalia´s designs are cool, great to hear that sales are benefiting others

  3. Those heels are adorable...!! Love them

  4. Oh!!!!!!! amazing Heels. Those are sexy. I like it.

  5. Nice Design. I specially like the black, really hot


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